Empowering Balance

What are Soul Sounds & how can it help you. Watch Now 

My Story, with Soul Sounds Watch Now 

What do the Sounds, sound like Watch Now 

How do you take a Voice sample Watch Now 

How do you TONE Watch Now 

Pocket IQube Testimony Watch Now 

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Breakthroughs Abounding

Listen as Lorree Appleby interviews Elizabeth Macarthur, Universal Sphere® Instructor and Practitioner, and they talk about this amazing energy tool called the Universal Sphere. Make sure you listen to the end as Elizabeth will be guiding you through a short Universal Sphere experience where you will feel, experience and connect with the energies of the multidimensional Universal Sphere.

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Learn what makes the Epic pack great and how each product works Watch Now

Learn how Regener8 works to keep you looking and feeling your best Watch Now

Learn about the newest product to the line Bketo from the developer Watch Now

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Cher Bears Bath Boutique Ltd

Little Prince Bath bomb demo. Fun for kids to find a surprise inside!!  CLICK HERE  

Brittles and Bits Demo.

Fun colors of left over bath bomb shavings! Great for kids or adults!! CLICK HERE  

Sheet Mask Demo to take away all the impurities and show the new glowing you! Floral water tones the skin!  CLICK HERE  

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Art of Choosing You

Insights I have learned in my 20 plus years of taking energy healing courses, and teaching energy healing modalities Watch Now

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Carolyn Karlstrom

Barley Gold Super Food Watch Now


ABC primetime video about the little yellow pill

Watch Now

Happy Co

Happy Hormones Watch Now

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Jelaine VanHelsing Life Coach to the Max

Self Therapy How to Adjust Your Bones Part 1 Watch Now

Self Therapy How to Adjust Your Bones Part 2 Watch Now

Self Therapy How to Adjust Your Bones Part 3 Watch Now

Self Therapy How to Adjust Your Bones Part 4 Watch Now

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Barb Karlstrom Spencer


Learn About Kagen Water Watch Now


Stojko shows how the HPT immediately improves both lateral and dynamic balance… Watch Now 

The Power of the HPT Patch Watch Now 
VoxxLife Neurovax:  Optimize Your Immune System (Dr Mark Debrincat) Watch Now 
The VoxxLife REM Patch:  Optimize Your Sleep Watch Now 

Body Whisperer

Autism Expert Watch Now

Vibrational Frequency Energy Medicine Watch Now

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Magen Brown

Are past lives real? Watch Now

All things smudging Watch Now

Don’t forget to laugh: Watch Now

Expectations: Watch Now 

Awareness: Watch Now 

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Empowered Spirit, Inc

Peace, Love and Harmony Meditation - Watch Now

Overcoming Stress - Watch Now

Ocean Cleaning Meditation - A guided meditation for cleaning radioactive materials from the Oceans -  Watch Now

7 Steps for a Healthier You : Watch Now

Ideal Weight: Watch Now

Manifesting Your Desires: Watch Now

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Jayde Crystal Coaching

Benefits of yoga with a small sample of a short morning practice and how yoga is medicine  Watch Now

Short evening Yin practice Watch Now

Private healing sessions & mystery schools as they align to health and setting up a solid foundation of growth, healing and maintenance of body, mind, heart and spirit Watch Now

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What is ASEA Redox Watch Now

Gail's Redox Story - I never believed I would not be in Pain Watch Now

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Healing & Health Center

Testimonial for group healing Watch Now 

Shares some testimonials Watch Now 

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Altar Yourself

Raise your positive vibrations Watch Now

Guided Chakra Cleansing Watch Now 

Distance Reiki Watch Now

Guided Grounding Meditation  Watch Now 

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Empowering Balance

Sound Healing

Green Light Goddess

Sharing Tips & experience to help you on your life path

Path To Wellness Expo

Wellness Directory, Events & Courses

One Stop for all Things wellness

Electric Angel Art & Design

Energetic Functional Art


Inspirational Crystal Charms

Healing and Health Center


Pranic Healing

Chakra Mediation

Emotion Release

Much More

Art of Choosing You


Course Facilitator

Soul Concept

Naturally crafted & formulated personal care products made & created in Alberta

Time For Self

Specializes in teaching you techniques that are based on RELAXING your body, mind & spirit

Candace McKim

Yoga/Chakra Therapist

Spiritual Director

Tina Ross 

Using a variety of modalities to help people live Vibrantly, Passionately and Lovingly

Authentic Soul Balance

Helping Light-Workers, Intuitive(s), and Empaths “LIGHTEN-UP”, align with their soul, and release blocks and restrictions.

True Heart Awakening

Feel liberated, confident, and certain when you connect to your truth and authentically thrive! 

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