I am a mom to an sweet 2 year old little girl, wife to husband and we have been together a total of 6 years, and nurse in a rural hospital. I recently started with B-EPIC after having amazing results with their products. I believe whole heartedly that the key to our health is protecting it while we have it. B-EPIC's line of 100% natural high performance supplements allow me to help me increase my health and naturally correct some of the issues I have.

As a shift worker working 12 hour shifts they take a toll on my body but since I have started my supplements I have been able to naturally correct issues I have struggled with for over a decade.

This affordable supplement line has something for everyone, and I feel can truly help with just about anything, without requiring a ton of different products.

B-EPIC has training on the products and running the business side of B-EPIC 4 times a week. This training you can participate in as a much or as little as you like and is all done through zooms that do not require you to have your camera on or mic on unless you want to so you can participate even when trying to multi task if you want.




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All natural, zero carb Bketo rapidly fuels mental and physical performance, and naturally promotes fat burning and weight loss. No carb cutting required.


In this day having our immune system at its best is so important. Staying inside while having been important is also going to lower our immune systems. This product is a all natural way to increase your immune system.

The antioxidant blend in Bimmune has been researched and shown to improve immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight against viral infections.


REGENER8 is a research-supported, turmeric curcumin chai tea that not only helps you look and feel great but also tastes amazing. The proprietary blend is fast acting (works in hours, not days), highly bioavailable for the body, and has proven anti-aging and anti-inflammation properties.

It is 14x stronger than Ibuprofen and had 3 different type of collagens for your anti aging blend. As well as Hyaluronic acid.

GR8 Kids

GR8 KIDS contains zero sugar, zero calories, and packed with nutrients in convenient straight-to-mouth stick packs, it’s perfect for a daily supplement, healthy snack, or micro nutrition. Plus, it’s an easy, fun way to introduce and sustain healthy nutritional habits for everyone in the family, young and old.

GR8 kids is loaded with vitamins from fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s the ultimate super food for all ages. Each stick contains 4.5 servings worth of 100% natural whole food phytonutrients and is fortified with trace minerals. The whole food derived vitamins in GR8 KIDS are in their complete form making them substantially more bioavailable and usable by the body than synthetic vitamins.

This is also has the same nutritional benefits as Elev8 without the caffeine making it perfect for adults who want the health benefits but are sensitive to caffeine.


*Naturally increases energy and stamina.

*Boosts cognitive and physical performance.

*Improves mental clarity, memory and focus.

*Reduces fatigue.

*Helps improve mood and reduce stress.


*Supports healthy weight loss and weight management.

*Naturally cleanses and detoxifies the body.

*Replenishes healthy bacteria in gut microbiome.

*Promotes mental and physical relaxation.

*Aids in quickly falling asleep and sleeping more soundly


*Is an all natural weight loss product that in testers helped them lose up to 27lbs in 6 weeks.

*It contains a patented blend of African Mango and Ashwagandha.

*It also helped some participants control blood sugar, lower cholesterol, reduce symptoms of stress and other benefits.

I personally have lost 10lbs in just 3 weeks.

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