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Rising from the prairies of Canada, Robin Chant choose to pursue a career as a Female Fire Fighter Paramedic since 1994. She loved meeting the challenges of Fire Fighting, climbing Kilimanjaro, and volunteering with Red Cross all over North America. Nothing came close to the challenge of discovering what was limiting her life choices than Alternative therapies. She dove into alternative therapies almost 20 years ago, helping hundreds of clients and then teaching these therapies all over the world. Her passion for helping others allowed her to create this book. This book empowers you to choose to overcome obstacles, shorten the learning curve and achieve your potency sooner than expected. She is inspired by others choosing and creating their life from what they truly desire. For now, she lives in Brandon and loves to play tennis whenever she can.



Art of Choosing You

Where does this judgment lead us? It leads us to the polarity of right and wrong, of good and bad.

We are in constant battle in our minds as we focus on this polarity. Would you like to let that habit go and choose allowance instead?

What does it feel like to connect to you? How do you know if you are connected to your soul?

Is it time to find out?

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 insights I have learned in my 20 plus years of taking energy healing courses, and teaching energy healing modalities that help gain understanding into the connection of mind, body and spirit, thus creating a greater connection to you on all levels

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