Barley Gold

Locally Made Products to help you with all things gut related


Biohacking your body to help your body start performing the way it was meant to.

Electric Angel Art & Design

Inspirational & Energetically charged art. Bookmarks, cards and much more


Inspirational Crystal Charms

Life Is Now Therapy

Crystal Grids made from wood and hand wood burned. I also have organite


Exciting new KETO product!!!

100% natural high performance supplements

The Rule of 3

Soya Candles with Intention, all-natural ingredients

Soul Concepts

Unique beauty products made in Alberta blending, nature, science, high energy vibration and loving intuition

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Cher Bear's Bath Boutique LTD

An variety of beauty products made in Canada

Art of Choosing You

Book Wrote by Robin Chant

Juice Plus

Inspiring healthy living around the world with a product that makes healthy living easier.

Concentration Plant Based Nutrition

The Limber Loft

You've go a Hair Out of Place: Let me FIX the Whole in Your Head

by Jamie Gillette Parker & Lois Loyek

Expo Special 10% off book

Universal Embodiment

Faery Heart Elixirs, Fur Baby Treats & bath Products


A wonderful array of dead sea minerals

AME Apothecary Co

Beautiful Alberta made beauty products, cannery goods, crystal creations & more

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Body Whisperer

A Book With Revelations from God (the Divine of your heart)  for Humanity Through Autism

Empowered Spirit, Inc

Wonderful Empowering ebooks to read


ASEA REDOX Supplement enables us to add vital-to-life redox signaling molecules to our body. 


Thank You Sponsors


Empowering Balance

Sound Healing

Green Light Goddess

Sharing Tips & experience to help you on your life path

Path To Wellness Expo

Wellness Directory, Events & Courses

One Stop for all Things wellness

Electric Angel Art & Design

Energetic Functional Art


Inspirational Crystal Charms

Healing and Health Center


Pranic Healing

Chakra Mediation

Emotion Release

Much More

Art of Choosing You


Course Facilitator

Soul Concept

Naturally crafted & formulated personal care products made & created in Alberta

Time For Self

Specializes in teaching you techniques that are based on RELAXING your body, mind & spirit

Candace McKim

Yoga/Chakra Therapist

Spiritual Director

Tina Ross 

Using a variety of modalities to help people live Vibrantly, Passionately and Lovingly

Authentic Soul Balance

Helping Light-Workers, Intuitive(s), and Empaths “LIGHTEN-UP”, align with their soul, and release blocks and restrictions.

True Heart Awakening

Feel liberated, confident, and certain when you connect to your truth and authentically thrive! 

Path to Wellness Online Expo

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