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I have been in the medical field since 1986. I serviced my community in many capacities. I found a lot of patients were falling though the cracks with traditional western medicine, and I wanted to do more.

After researching various ancient forms and techniques, I focused on hypnotherapy to which I started with a small class in 2012.

I saw a lot of discrepancy’s with training and felt I could do better with more information.  So I took another class and found that was very insufficient to what I really wanted to do.

I changed my focus to adding counselling as that’s what we do as hypnotherapists or in any helping profession in my view.  BUT, I wanted to do better!  So many programs out there do not prepare the student to help in a way the client may need.   So with that Meristem Therapy Academy was born.

It has a variety of courses from basic hypnotherapy, clinical counselling hypnotherapy, basic counselling courses, hypnobirthing, and more.  The hypnotherapy courses have a counselling aspect to provide you with a solid start.  They are self directed, where you have the benefit of learning at your own pace. 

The difference is that you have also live training online, this is a requirement in order to receive your certificate or diploma.   And after you are done, you are still mentored for two more years. 

You are never alone on this journey with Meristem.  Together we can make a difference.  

I also offer interest free payment options


Best way to find out more information or to register is to email me:  

We will book a phone or zoom session and then proceed from there


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