Magen grew up on a farm near Rimbey Alberta. It was in her young years that she developed a deep connection with animals and nature, always studying the complexities of growth and life in everything that surrounded her. She could be found sitting for hours, gaining the trust of a skittish animal, silently conversing through the energetic connection between them, or perched high up on her special branch of an old spruce tree, basking in the serenity and warmth of the setting sun.

As she grew older, facing many of the challenges that life tends to bring us all, her natural sensitivities and connection to her inner self developed into a deep need for conscious reflection and understanding of her life. She longed to know and connect to the invisible reality that she could feel so intensely, and from that, like a series of wonderfully coincidental events, she stumbled upon the path of Shamanism.

Through 2 years of Shamanic study and integration, she was initiated into the Shamanic lineage in both Blackfoot and Incan traditions. In fact, the message she received from the ancestors on the day of her initiation was “Just be natural. Not everything has to be supernatural.” This message was funny and heartwarming at the time, but now it carries a deeper meaning. It is now a message for Magen to bridge the spiritual world to the people, in a way that feels natural and grounded.

Magen is forever learning and integrating teachings into her own life and is also extending her knowledge in shamanic principles and energy work to help others. She offers energy work sessions and is delightfully excited to be offering extended services within her coaching program, coming in the near future.

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Services & Distance Session

Distance shamanic energy session

Using my Mesa, which is my sacred bundle of stones, my rattle, my pendulums, and my smudge feathers, I work within the spirit world, alongside guides, to transform your energetic body back into balance. There are unlimited ways an energy session can help you, and it can often be surprising at what does come up to be released or transformed.

Connecting via Zoom or Facebook video chat, please be sure you are in a place where you are comfortable and won't be disrupted during our time together. The session will be approximately one hour. Wear comfortable clothes and have a blanket handy in case you get chilly. Also have a note pad and a pen ready by your side. The energy work typically takes in between 20 mins to half an hour. We will then have time after the energy work to discuss the experience and our findings together. I very much look forward to our time together.

The energy sessions are only the beginning of the transformation. It often takes time for the world to shift around your new vibration, and events that facilitate further release may take place even weeks after the session.

All of April will be a $20 USD discount. The original price is $60 USD. The April price will be $40 USD for all who book appointments within April.

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