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In 1977 Doctors told me to: “Learn to live with IT. Get used to the facts.”

Labeled with MS at age 14; Osteoporosis, Lupus, pre-Diabetic and

Manic Depression by age 33 was not a pretty picture.

Thus, began much Research and Growth in the simple Laws of the Universe.

I did not plan to continue prescriptive drugs, forced upon me from childhood.

I knew by age 28 they were at the root of the disabilities.

I was a young mother with 3 small children, and heading quickly toward a wheelchair.

(Nor did I know that some of the Trauma I was living with stemmed from Sexual Abuse in early childhood. Depression and/or weight gain and sometimes both are symptoms of abuse.)

Natural Healers are now my passion.

From this Passion I am dedicated to Sharing valuable content with a world hungry for Wellness, Wealth and Wisdom – Especially those who have suffered Childhood Abuse of any sort.

Published Author of "You've Got a Hair Out of Place - Let ME FIX that Whole in Your Head" is ready for the READING.

I look forward to sharing with you through the web, at a Frolic - For Life is Truly to be Love and Lived in Motion,

not commotion.

Thank you in full Gladittude!

This is often the SOLUTION.




You've go a Hair Out of Place: Let me FIX the Whole in Your Head

by Jamie Gillette Parker & Lois Loyek

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Online and in Loft (Bluffton)

Personal Coaching  - Whole Person Coaching looks at the Whole Package to come up with assistance for your Personal Requirements. I specialize in sexual trauma and harassment mostly with Women, though I have a few male clients as well.

Conditional 1/2 hour Free Coaching to see if we are a good match. Must be by Appointment.


Clutter Coach & Feng Shui

Money Coach

Quantum Success Law of Attraction Coaching

Raindrop and Essential Oils - Fully Certified CARE Instructor

Nutrition Consultant

Dressmaker Designer


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