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Krystalya Marie’ is an international speaker, trainer, self-love enthusiast and self-empowerment guide. Through the Healing Power of Love and Krystagraphs™, Krystalya empowers you to discover your own innate abilities for healing your body, mind and spirit.


Krystalya began her self-healing journey in her mid 20’s, yet her real healing began in 2000, when, after years of self-love work, she discovered an underlying belief that had kept her from loving herself fully. 


In 2001, her faith & self-love were tested when she discovered a golf ball sized lump in her breast, & was guided to create healing Krystagraphs™ (Symbols) to remove the lump. Subsequently she had various ailments, such as bladder infection, yeast infection, hypothyroidism, deep vein thrombosis, cancer & more. In each case she immediately received Krystagraphs™ to heal the ailment. She now shares these Krystagraphs™ with 1000's of people worldwide.


Krystalya is a best-selling co-author with Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen and Deepak Chopra in the ‘Wake Up Live the Life you Love' book series, and author of the 'One-Minute Energy Tune-Up ~ Power Symbols'  series of books and products for healing the body, mind and spirit. She is also the Director of Inner Peace for Ten Million Clicks for Peace and former radio talk show host called "Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit".



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Private Sessions

Book a 30 or 60 minute private session with Krystalya to help you get to the core of an issue and move forward on your healing journey. The session includes a questionnaire, which Krystalya uses to meditate on and create a customized experience for each session. Includes a recording of the session as well, as follow-up steps to take. Learn more by going here: Click Here

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One-Minute Energy Tune-up ~ Krystagraphs for Self-Love eBook

Learn how to change the negative feelings and thoughts that have kept you from loving yourself fully and start truly loving who you are!  Buy Now

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One-Minute Energy Tune-up for Jet Lag Free Travel eBook

Love to travel but experience jet lag, ear aches, edema or other challenges? In this book you will find symbols to help you travel without jet lag, stop the pressure in your ears and more. 

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Free Gifts

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Secrets for Having Peak Performance Energy, Audio Program  $180 Total Value

Increase Your Energy with Breakthrough Secrets for Having Peak Performance Energy & Stamina!  Learn how your body’s energy system works, how blocks in your energy system can deplete your energy and best of all how to free up your energy, remove the blocks and have Peak Performance Energy with a one minute energy tune-up.

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Dramatically Improve Your Health with this One-Minute Trick- $180 Total Value

Learn the secrets to greater health in this in depth video training and one-minute Krystagraph™ process. 

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​Secrets to Attracting More Love Audio Program- $180 Total Value

Breakthrough Secrets for creating more Loving Relationships ~ Learn how your body’s’ energy affects every person you meet, either positively or negatively.  Discover a One-Minute Energy Tune-up that can help you create more positive experiences in your relationships and help you to attract more loving people into your life. 

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Let Your Soul Guide You to the Perfect Gift

Close Your Eyes, quiet your mind and ask Spirit to direct you to the perfect gift that is for your highest good at this time. Then Click here



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Weight Loss Course

7 Steps to Your Ideal Weight

​How to lose weight and keep it off, by getting to the root cause. Learn how Nancy lost 5 pant sizes in just 7 weeks when she discovered and changed an underlying belief and started loving herself! This course includes:

  • 10 - 90 Minute Audio sessions

  • Krystagraphs to support your weight loss, cravings and more

  • 50% off a private session

  • and more..

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Healing Course

7 Secrets to Staying Healthy

​Discover your innate ability to heal yourself during this 7 part audio course. Learn how your beliefs and emotions are at the root of all health challenges and how to change your beliefs, release and heal negative emotions and heal your body. This course includes:

  • 7 - 90 Minute Audio Sessions
  • Krystagraphs to support clearing old beliefs and emotions 

  • 50% off a private session

  • and more..

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Prosperity Course

Discover the Secrets to Real Prosperity

​Learn how to uncover and change root beliefs and emotions that have kept you from receiving all of the abundance you deserve, during this 7 part audio course. Discover the power of surrender and opening yourself up to receive and much more! This course includes: 

  • 7 - 90 Minute Audio Sessions

  • Krystagraphs to support opening to receive

  • 50% off a private session

  • and more...

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Replays of LIVE Events


7 Secret to Achieving Your Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight: Watch Now

7 Steps For a Healthier You

7 Steps for a Healthier You : Watch Now

Real Secrets For Manifesting Your Desires

Manifesting Your Desires: Watch Now




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