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Hi my name is Jayde Gravel! I am a certified transformational life & health coach using a blend of traditional, wholistic and alternative health and therapy practices integrating healing at all layers. Using combinations of yoga, energy healing, fitness and nutrition. Igniting your self-love, confidence, clarity, passions and magic through connection to a higher power within. Helping you create an unshakable foundation of soul connection, power to fuel your passions and miracle minded, quantum health shifts. Mind, body, heart, and spirit.


Services & 

Distance Sessions

Special: Expo special 20% off healing service or private yoga sessions package 

Email to book in, noting this expo & I’ll send you a social link with my calendar and discounted booking 



To book with me send a brief email description with the service you are interested in and I will send you all payment & scheduling information as it varies from service to service. 

Email: jaydecrystalinfo@gmail.com

Payment: PayPal or etransfer

All Available as distant @Zoom or in person if in Edmonton, AB Canada


Lemurian Energy Healing Session

Rebalancing emotional, physical, mental auricbodies with the spiritual auricbody. Healing is specific to what you need most during the time of session. Also includes mini reading to connect to your guides and angels.

Past Life Regression Session

Dive into you past lives with your own regression and then complete the healing with a oracle session. 

Dream Interpretation

Send me your dream and we can decipher it together. Understand the divine symbolism and hidden teachings held within all dreams. Also includes tools or advice to apply the rich wisdom into your daily living. 



Group Yoga Classes

Beginner to intermediate classes each weekend (schedule subject to change, announced every month) with rehabilitation and gentle reclaiming of flexibility and range of motion. I teach Akhanda Yoga, prenatal, post natal and yin blended flows with an emphasis on breathwork. This helps to rehydrate and nourish the facsia landscape of the body, customized to the student’s current needs. Aiding strength, mobility body shape, metabolism & enhancing the immune system.

$56 for 8 classes - Pre-register required at the start of each month 

$10 per class drop in

Monthly schedule is here: https://jaydegravel.wixsite.com/jaydecrystal/events

Paypal or etransfer

Email:  jaydecrystalinfo@gmail.com

Website: https://jaydegravel.wixsite.com/jaydecrystal/events

Private Yoga Classes

This is a perfect introduction to Yoga for beginners alternatively a great way to dive deeper if you are advance, intermediate. Also great way to speed up injury recovery or major body change. 

Intro offer: 3 private classes for $180

Booking & payment link: https://calendly.com/jaydecrystalcoaching/60minyogaintro

Website: https://jaydegravel.wixsite.com/jaydecrystal/yoga




LIVE Mystery School Trainings

Anchor ancient feminine teachings and wisdom practices. Dive deeper into your Soul gifts and spiritual techniques with 7 mystery school options each includes 5 sessions…

1. Divine Sensuality: Enhance your O’s. Reclaim sexual healing and sovereign divine sexuality. Restore your true tantric nature for powerful manifesting. Learn to use healing breathwork practices to enhance pleasure in all areas of life, clear stress, overwhelm or uncertainty

2. Moon Power & Mayan Calendar Training - Learn to use the mayan moon calendar as well as New or Full Moon cycle to manifest powerfully

3. Lemurian Principles & Philosophy - How can we build nourishing, inclusive communities that support one another. With integrating Gaia into infrastructure, daily living and sustainablity practices. Learn you divine purpose and learn the framework to start a new path or deepen your current spiritual path

4. Lemurian Crystal Healing Techniques - Healing with crystals, sacred tones & sacred geometric energy gridwork

5. Integrating Meditation into your lifestyle - Establishing a daily meditation, pranayama or spiritual practice

6. Personal Moon Cycle (Menses) Training - Our cycles hold great wisdom and power that is often divorced form us in the over cultures shaming and misinformation. Learn the true power of YOUR monthly cycle and inner rhythms

7. Moon Mapping for Stress & Manifesting - Harness the New and Full Moon cycles to dissolve stress and work powerfully through challenges

5 sessions per course/school $555

Email for sign-up as scheduling is specific to each person and availability


E-transfer or PayPal



Benefits of yoga with a small sample of a short morning practice and how yoga is medicine  Watch Now

Short evening Yin practice Watch Now

Private healing sessions & mystery schools as they align to health and setting up a solid foundation of growth, healing and maintenance of body, mind, heart and spirit Watch Now


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