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There was a young girl who felt she was never heard. One day she decided to let her heart be the voice of her soul. That little girl was me. Living from the heart as the path of my heart became my Divine Calling. Today this is my life’s mission and healing ministry. Amaris Heart Consciousness™ is living from the heart, expanding the mind consciousness of the brain to the mind consciousness of the heart. It’s become the sacredness for being the Presence and Gift of vibrational transformation, the masculine and feminine essence of Divine sharing–God



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You’re not frEe until you learn to do yi
You’re not frEe until you learn to do yi
You’re not frEe until you learn to do yi

Spiritual Teacher

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Master Curandera Shaman

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A Book With Revelations from God (the Divine of your heart)  for Humanity Through Autism

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