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I am a multidimensional healer, energy worker, medium, teacher, psychic, tarot and faery oracle reader. I’ve been mentoring and doing readings for 15 years professionally, first in British Columbia and now in Alberta! I have always been psychic but didn’t realize that until I was told that personally in a reading. After that I decided to explore my talents further for myself. Surprise, surprise!!



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Farey Readings

The decks I use change and are intuitively chosen for each reading. They provide me access points to work multidimensionally with you and bring forward what your spirit guides and helpers feel are of utmost importance in the moment. It is always a good idea to "expect the unexpected" when having a reading because neither one of us knows for sure where spirit will take us or what we will be doing. The more open you are the deeper we can go! It is such a pleasure to sit with you in spirit!

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Faery  Heart Elixirs

The intention behind Faery Heart Elixirs was to provide "vibrational support for energetic and emotional challenges"! These Bach Flower Remedies are made with lots of love, magic and the vibration of plants. I have an innate knowingness when blending the Bach Flower Essences into formula's that support sensitive beings in their daily lives and during their evolution. 

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