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Gail's Redox Story - I never believed that I would not be in pain

     I am a retired farm wife who owned and operated an on-farm Garden Center for 24 years.  Ten years ago I retired because the pain and discomfort that I had been dealing with most of my life from a long-time auto-immune were getting so bad that I just could not do the work I loved so much.  About a year ago,  a dear friend from our local choir told me about ASEA REDOX. I was skeptical because I had tried "everything" already.  But I trusted her and I was desperate.  So, I started drinking the Redox liquid and applying the gel to all my achy areas. All I can say is, it works and my health is transformed. I never believed that I would not be in pain. 

In the interview video above I talk about more of the details. I invite you to listen.  And, I truly wish for all those who are hurting and suffering from chronic health challenges to experience the improvement in the quality of life that I now have. Feel free to contact me with questions. And, if you want to start your own redox journey to optimized health, I would be happy to be your redox guide.


ASEA Redox Supplement

Enables us to add vital-to-life redox signaling molecules to our body. They are bio-identical to the redox signaling molecules made continuously inside every one of our cells. Redox signaling molecules are the key "workers" in our body identifying damage and ensuring the body heals itself and regenerates healthy tissue.  As we age, we naturally produce less and less of these molecules. With exposure to stress and toxins, both emotional and environmental, we also produce fewer redox molecules leaving us vulnerable to chronic health challenges.

100% SAFE (100% NON - Toxic )   100% EFFECTIVE  Increases Beneficial Gene Expression

ASEA Redox Sports Pouch

Same amazing redox molecules. Just a different packaging. Great for athletes and people on the go.

RENU 28 Skin Gel

This REDOX GEL has twice the potency of the liquid and is used all over the body to help with pain relief, skin irritations, and reducing signs of aging.


Available also is the Face Care Line consisting of 3 additional products:   REDOX SERUM / Botanical Cleanser / Botanical Moisturizer 

ASEA Via Nutritionals

ASEA VIA NUTRITIONALS  are made with all-natural, highly bioavailable nutrients we don't get in a regular diet.
 Each ASEA VIA product is formulated for maximum bioavailability and works together with ASEA REDOX and other VIA products for complete cellular health and nutrition.

 "You are what you absorb." 



What is ASEA Redox Watch Now

Gail's Redox Story - I never believed I would not be in Pain Watch Now


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