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Many years ago due to some health issues we were experiencing we started to search out alternative methods to improve and maintain our health. On this journey, we were so grateful to be introduced to "the Power of Sound" which changed our lives and now we love that we get to share it with others.

We help people "Hack" their subconscious and Re-tune their physical, mental and emotional bodies using SOUL SOUNDS. These are sounds created specifically for YOU and YOUR needs, frequencies YOUR body, mind and soul are asking for.

These frequencies are used to help upgrade your human hard drive, release and let go of that which is no longer serving you. 

Just Press Play 

Simple, Easy, Effective

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Distance Session


Hack your Subconscious today.

Have 1 billion bits of information in your Voice assessed by award winning software, pinpointing the weak & stressed notes.

SOUL SOUNDS are created, specifically for you. What your body, mind & spirit are asking for

Simple, Easy, Effective.

NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!!! All Done Online. Click Here for steps

EXPO SPECIAL: Price by Donation, pay what your choose


"it's very helpful for Relaxing, Panic Attacks and Migraines" Robin S Rimbey AB


Soul Sound Steps

You can also watch these steps on the following video Click Here

1. Send an etransfer for your donation to we have autodeposit so not password is needed
2. Take a “voice sample”.
3. Find the voice recorder on your cell phone and take a 20 second voice sample saying a specific phrase. Start speaking before you press record so there is no blank space at the beginning.

What do you say? 
Bay Bee Bye Bow Boo,
Hay He Hi Hoe Who
Keep repeating this over and over for 20 seconds

​4. Name the voice sample with your first name & date, 
5. Share the sample in one of the following ways:
Text: 403-392-6885

6. Within 3  - 5 days of us receiving  payment and you sending us your voice sample, you will be emailed
*a receipt
*a link for your Custom Sound Meditation so you can download it
*your voice chart
*tips for listening





A Portable Scalar Energy Tool That can help

*Eliminates Stress 24×7

*Reduces Fear, Anxiety Attacks & Sadness

*Sleep Deeply & Meditate At The Push Of A Button

Harmonizes Your Energy Field 24X7

Clears Discordant 5G Energy

Shift from being overwhelmed to fearless with the touch of a button. The Quantum OmPocket will keep you aligned while you are on-the-go.

Miracle IQube

Change the frequency of your life 24×7

Can Potentially Help

*Harmonize Relationships

*Raises The Vibration Of Your Home Or Office

*Enhances Health & Well Being For Corona Virus Immunity Protection

5G Protection

*Balance & Clear Your Chakras – Effortlessly

*Accelerate Your Intuition

Tesla IQube

Transform your home into a sanctuary of scalar energy

Can Potentially help

*Break Free From Stress And Fatigue

*Make Your Home A Harmonious Haven

*Amplified 5G Protection

*Enhanced Clarity & Focus

*Effortlessly raise your vibration and improve the resonance of your environment.

The Quantum Tesla iQube will transform your home into a 24/7 zero point field and keep you in a constant state of Zen.


Hexagonal Water

$30 + Shipping per bottle

Makes 8 gallons


Miracle Water

The Miracle structured water will now be imprinted with our new sophisticated Miracle frequency soundtrack and custom amplifiers. As we have increased our scalar energy delivery, our Scalarwave Imprinting power has tripled.

The Miracle water works quicker at the cellular level. We’ve included new frequencies for eyesight, hair, and wellness, as well as cannabis frequencies to create a smooth and relaxing effect that optimizes your hydration.

Indigo Water

Indigo enhances whole-brain functioning and right brain learning.

Masaru Emoto encouraged us to create this formula for his life-long friend, Dr. Shichida, a world-renowned founder of 350 Shichida Child Academies in Japan. We applied research from thousands of voice samples emphasizing brain balance, coherence (accelerated right brain learning), and intuition.

Super Calm

Super Calm deals with mental and emotional peace and calm within the body. It can create a euphoric sense of well-being by providing balance and harmony to the nervous system. This is a feel-good drink for general uplifting, stabilizing the active “monkey” mind or calming chronic fear, stress, and sadness.

ANgels Gate Holistic Healing (4).png


What are SOUL SOUNDS & how can it help you. Watch Now 

My Story, How SOUL SOUNDS have changed my life Watch Now 

What do the Sounds, sound like Watch Now 

How do you take a Voice Sample for SOUL SOUNDS Watch Now 

How do you TONE to your first 3 sounds Watch Now 

Pocket IQube Testimony Watch now 


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