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I have been creating beautiful positive art for many years, including original art, graphic art, cake art and much much more. 

I love designing art that embraces positive words and phrases and put it on frequently used items such as bookmarks, water bottle decals and greeting cards so everyday we can be surrounded by positive energy. This is based on everything being energy and words having a frequency which can affect us in positive ways. This is what had influenced much of my work. I love creating beautiful and functional art that can inspire and uplift, emotionally, mentally and energetically

"Words have the power to both destroy and heal. When words are both there and kind, they can change our world." Anonymous



Credit Card Leash $20

Do your cards get lost in your purse and you have to dig around to find them?

A credit card leash can help you, all you have to do is attach it to a zipper in your purse, place 1 end of the card (credit, debit or card like costco) in the slot. Then whenever you need it you can easily find the "Leash" with the card are the end.

Each Leash is crafted by hand. Many colors available. Go to my website for more details.

Greeting Cards $5

Each card is designed by me, with everything from humorous to inspirational.

More designs available on my website

Book Marks $2

Multiple original designs with positive messages available. Perfect for any person who loves to read.

Acrylic Original Art

This one is acrylic on canvas. I have 1 other one available on my website.

Original Ink Art

This is one of the many ink on paper original art pieces I have available for sale. 

There are more on my website.


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