Empowering Balance - Custom Sound Healing  (Soul Sounds)

Breakthroughs Abounding - Universal Sphere and Akashic Records Reading

Thrive Energy Studio - Yoga Meditations

Altar Yourself - Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Card Readings

Healing & Health Center - Emotion Release, Meditation, Pranic Healing & More

Kalina White Coaching - Personalized Coaching

Universal Embodiment - Faery Card Reading

Jelaine VanHelsing Life Coach to the Max - Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

The Limber Loft - Personal Coaching specializing sexual trauma & harassments

Jayde Crystal Coaching - Yoga, Energy Healing and More

Joanna Savard - Private Therapy/Hypnotherapy Session

Empowered Spirit - Private Sessions


Custom Sound Healing (Soul Sounds)

Would you like to "Hack" your subconscious mind?

It all starts with your voice that is more unique that your fingerprint Upgrade your human hard drive and release and let go that which is not longer serving you.

What your body, mind and spirit are asking for.

Expo Special By Donation

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Universal Sphere®

Akashic Records Reading

Universal Sphere® Sessions –

With the US®, you will connect into the Unified Field, the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and higher-level Solution


Akashic Records Reading - http://breakthroughsabounding.com/AkashicRecords

Expo Special 25% off

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Yoga & Meditation

Offering a variety of yoga and meditation classes including breathwork

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Reiki & Card Readings


Reiki and Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing with Pendulum

Angel Oracle Card Reading

Goddess Card Reading

Angel Tarot Card Reading

coming soon Akashic Record Reading

All services in person and Distance

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Pranic Healing, Reiki, Emotion Release

Reiki treatment 

Pranic healing treatment

Group treatment. with pranic healing and reiki 

Mindfulness meditation

Chakra meditation

Emotion Release

Expo Special $20 off 75 minute Reiki

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book appointment --

call 403-201-1514 OR  

email: anjna_reiki@yahoo.ca


Personalized Coaching

Holistic Balance Membership

A variety of 1 on 1 personalized online coaching packages that are designed to support

Book your complimentary discovery call at 


Janice Hrushka and I have partnered together to bring you Holistic Balance. 

Contact Kalina at 

KalinaWhiteCoaching@gmail.com for more information and to be added to the community.

Expo Special 1 ADDITIONAL Session on any personalized 1on1 Coaching

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Faery Card Readings

The decks I use change and are intuitively chosen for each reading. They provide me access points to work multidimensionally with you and bring forward what your spirit guides and helpers feel are of utmost importance in the moment. 

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Tarot & Angel Card Readings

Tarot and Oracle Card Readings. Receive messages and divine guidance from the universe. I channel into my clients energy prior to the scheduled appointment and done through video chat

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Personal Coaching

Whole Person Coaching that comes up with assistance for your Personal Requirements. I specialize in sexual trauma and harassment

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Shamanic Energy Services

There are unlimited ways an energy session can help you, and it can often be surprising at what does come up to be released or transformed.

Expo Special $20USD off

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Spiritual Teacher, Autism Expert, Shaman

Programs and Services That Make Your Life Easier

Invest In Your Well-being!

Expo Special 40% off

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Yoga, Energy Healing

Helping you create an unshakable foundation of soul connection, power to fuel your passions and miracle minded, quantum health shifts. Mind, body, heart, and spirit.

Expo Special 20% off healing service or private yoga

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Private Therapy/Hypnotherapy Sessions:

My goal is to guide my clients through the most profound and empowering life transformation imaginable. In a safe and comfortable space. I take you on a journey to release any past beliefs that are not serving them anymore, and re-create and re-design the life you chose to live!

Expo Special 25% off

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Private Sessions

Book a 30 or 60 minute private session with Krystalya to help you get to the core of an issue and move forward on your healing journey

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Thank You Sponsors


Empowering Balance

Sound Healing

Green Light Goddess

Sharing Tips & experience to help you on your life path

Path To Wellness Expo

Wellness Directory, Events & Courses

One Stop for all Things wellness

Electric Angel Art & Design

Energetic Functional Art


Inspirational Crystal Charms

Healing and Health Center


Pranic Healing

Chakra Mediation

Emotion Release

Much More

Art of Choosing You


Course Facilitator

Soul Concept

Naturally crafted & formulated personal care products made & created in Alberta

Time For Self

Specializes in teaching you techniques that are based on RELAXING your body, mind & spirit

Candace McKim

Yoga/Chakra Therapist

Spiritual Director

Tina Ross 

Using a variety of modalities to help people live Vibrantly, Passionately and Lovingly

Authentic Soul Balance

Helping Light-Workers, Intuitive(s), and Empaths “LIGHTEN-UP”, align with their soul, and release blocks and restrictions.

True Heart Awakening

Feel liberated, confident, and certain when you connect to your truth and authentically thrive! 

Path to Wellness Online Expo

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