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Many years ago Elizabeth had a moment in time when she realized her life was not turning out how she thought it would and she did not like where she was at. She knew something had to change but didn’t know how to go about it. Then one day she accidentally (or maybe it was her Soul’s purpose) fell into the world of personal development workshops. It was a game changer for her and kicked off the next phase of her journey.

Eventually Elizabeth experienced many different modalities of energy and healing work. Over two years ago she was introduced to the Universal Sphere® (US®) and the Akashic Records work. Today, Elizabeth is a Universal Sphere® Instructor / Practitioner and an Akashic Records Advanced Transformational Reader.

All of Elizabeth’s workshops and session are currently offered on-line using the Zoom Platform.



Universal Sphere®

With the US®, you will connect into the Unified Field, the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and higher-level Solution Energy which allows you to quickly, and with ease:

Ø transform any area of your life, any situation, problem or concern you are currently experiencing by accessing higher level solutions.

Ø New solution options that may seem like magic can happen as troublesome situations start to resolve themselves.

Ø Difficult relationships become less difficult or not difficult at all.

Ø Something you have been trying to manifest has shown up, but in a much bigger and better way.

Ø Solution Energy has the ability to bring in new solutions that are beyond the scope of what your mind thinks is possible, bringing with it amazing results.

Ø Every time you are connecting with the US®, you are raising your vibration and entraining it to the Unified field which is also supporting your Ascension process.

Ø And so much more!

Elizabeth offers one-on-one sessions with the US®. To learn more or book your sessions, visit http://breakthroughsabounding.com/UniversalSphere


Akashic Records Nouveau

With the Akashic Records, you have the opportunity to:

Ø receive specific guidance from your own personal guidance team.

Ø Visit past lives and obtain valuable insights to benefit you today.

Ø Resolve past issues that are still affecting you today, whether they are in your current past life or in previous past lives.

Ø Release stuck energy of hurt, resentments, anger, betrayal, unforgiveness, etc. and thus freeing yourself from that hindrance.

Ø And so much more!

For more information or to book your Akashic Records session with Elizabeth, visit http://breakthroughsabounding.com/AkashicRecordsReadings


Live Events


Universal Sphere® a Moment of Calmness

A Moment of Calmness is a Universal Sphere® guided group session by Elizabeth, via Zoom, where you will have the opportunity to:

Ø experience the energies of the Universal Sphere® and connect with the Unified Field.

Ø experience an uplifting of energy to bring you into a moment of calmness or maybe even elevate an already great state of calmness.

Ø consciously, through your awareness, journey into the Unified Field, maybe even for the first time, to re-connect to that state of calmness or peacefulness you once knew or that once felt natural to you.

These sessions are complimentary, and you are welcome to attend as often as you like. It is a great opportunity for you to come and see for yourself what the Universal Sphere® is about, to have an experience around it, and to see if the energies resonate with you.

Join us for one or more of the following complimentary sessions:

Ø Friday, April 9th, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. via Zoom

Ø Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 7:45 p.m. via Zoom

Ø Sunday, April 25, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. via Zoom

Ø Registration is required and you can register at: http://breakthroughsabounding.com/AMomentofCalmness




Learn the Universal Sphere®

Elizabeth also provides an eight-hour workshop to learn how to connect with the US® and start doing US® for yourself, others, pets, situation, etc. This is a certification workshop and if you have an energy business, or would like to start one, you will be certified as an US® Practitioner and can immediately start working with clients. Most people take the training so they can do US® simply for themselves, their families and/or friends.

One client shared: “I loved learning about the US® and your presentation of it. It is SOOO easy to experience and learn.”

Another client stated: “This course was an amazing experience. The energy felt during this training was very powerful. This is ‘prayer on steroids’! This technique removes the dogma attached to some of the early teachings of working with energy. This takes us directly to the source of the energy. It is like returning ‘home’.”

For more information or to register for this workshop, visit http://breakthroughsabounding.com/USPractitionerWorkshop


Expo Specials

Save approximately 25% on the following services purchased during the Path to Wellness Expo.  All session must be used within 90 days. 

Universal Sphere® - 3 Pack Sessions – Expo Price:  $184.44


Universal Sphere® Single Session [Only available for purchase during Expo] – Expo Pricing:  $84.44


Akashic Records Single Session – Expo Price:  $104.44


Akashic Records 3 Pack – Expo Price:  $244.44


All purchases can also be made through E-Transfer payment between April 9 – 18, 2021 to elizabeth@breakthroughsabounding.com.  Please add which service you are purchasing in the Message.

Once payment is received, you will receive an email with a booking link to book your appointment.  Reminder:  all sessions much be used within 90 days. 



What is the Universal Sphere®

Interview with Elizabeth Macarthur, Universal Sphere® Instructor, with a short Universal Sphere group experience. CLICK HERE to watch


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