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I have been involved in the Natural Health world for about 20 years. During this time I have been introduced to many products, some I love and use in my daily life. Because I love these products so much I have decided to share them with others in the hopes of helping them like I have been helped

Barley Gold, a locally made product to improve gut health, Lifevantage, biohacking the body for it MAKES its own antioxidants and helps me body perform more efficiently, and Happy CO, with a lemonade that helps me increase my energy are some such products.


Barley Gold

to order

text: 403-392-6885



Natures Gold (2kg) $280

3+ months supply

3 in 1

100% Beyond Organic
95% Digestible NON-GMO

What makes Nature's Gold Mix Unique
*Raw, Sprouted, whole, organically grown and Processed
*Increased digestibility from 5% to 95%
*nutrient dense food
*complemented with a healthy mix of Pre-Probiotics and Lignan Gold

Barley Gold 1 & 2 (3lb) $170

3+ month supply

100% Certified Organic Barley

What makes Barley Gold Unique
seeds are Mother Nature's best nutritional storage system, containing up to 400 times more nutrients than plant material.

The problem is that seeds are naturally difficult for us to digest. Our barely seeds are organically processed enabling a digestion increase from 5% of the seed to 95% of the seed this way you can utilize its numerous metabolic enzymes, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants and start to enjoy "A new Awakening in your Lifestyle."

the best food is the best medicine - hippocrates

Barley #2 is recommended for people with type "O" blood, diabetics and those wanting to build muscles as it it higher in protein

Barley Gold Pre-Probiotic $130

150 g (6 month supply)

What is Barley Gold Pre-Probiotic

there are over 500 symbiotic and mutually beneficial probiotics in the fermented Barely Gold Pre-Probiotics.
Their function and combination protect other beneficial organisms that help break down and produce different compounds needed for rebuilding and maintaining the body metabolisms as well as boosting body immune system. 

Barley Gold Pre-Probiotics create a "beneficial fungistasis: eliminate non-beneficial microorganisms that are pathogenic or parasitic

Recommended for people that have problems with yeast, been on antibiotics, have a low immune system, intestinal or thinking problems or people who have not been able to take other probiotics

Miracle Spray $25

64 ml

minerals infused in distilled and mineral waters

spray affected area to soothe pain or stiffness, aching, sprains, headaches, stress, bruises, sore muscles, dry skin,
sunburn, scrapes, cuts, insect bites, skin irritations, scabs, itchy areas, overworked muscles, abrasions, or skin 

Daylight $75

34 ml

This is my multi purpose go to disinfectant. I spray it on shopping carts sprayed with unknown possible chemical laced products, spray my hands with it instead of using chemical and high alcohol hand sanitizers, put 1 drop on my toothpaste every night, spray on counters. a little goes a long way. use 5000 to 1 solution. I spray it on my face and my skin.

Take 1 drop per day under tongue for 30 days on, 30 days off for 6 months. take 5 minutes before moonlight for deep tissue

take 1 drop a day under tongue for energy boost or in any liquid. makes water taste delicious.

Lignan Gold (600g) $150

6 month supply

100% certified organic whole flax hull
non gmo

why Lignan Gold
In comparison to hundreds of nutrient dense plant lignanas, flax is by far the richest source know to exist. lignan gold contain all 27 plant lignans which create a synergistic effect in nutrient delivery.
 The unique mechanical process separated the lignans from the flax, therefore leaving a 100% pure raw, organic product consuming just 5 grams of lignan gold is equal to consuming 12 pounds of whole flax or equivalent to 121 lds of broccoli

great for hormone balancing, incredible immune booster, and has helped people with digestive problems




Don't Take them, MAKE them


Protandim® Dual Synergizer™


*Helps increase production of antioxidant enzymes Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase

*Provides antioxidant defense for maintenance of good health

*Provides antioxidants that help fight free radicals

*Help to temporary relieve symptoms of stress 

*Support cognitive function and reduce mental fatigue

*Source of antioxidants

*Help fight against the cell damage caused by free radicals

More Information

Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer™

Clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress (rusting on the inside) in humans by 40% in 30 days.

Free Radicals, generated through the process of living life (eating, sleeping, breathing, exercising), are inevitable for everyone. Scientific research has validated that free radical damage to your body’s cells is the root cause of aging


*Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer is a daily dietary supplement that combats free radicals

*Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer fights free radicals

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LifeVantage Omega+ contains DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids to support cognitive health and overall good health. It also contains Vitamin D to support immune health.

LifeVantage Omega+ fish oils are 100% traceable from boat to bottle, sourced from CodMarine®. *


*Supports cognitive health and brain function

*Helps maintain immune function

Source of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, for the maintenance of good health

*Helps support the development of the brain, eyes and nerves in children up to age 12

*Lemon and lime flavor

More Information

TrueScience® Hair Care System

With Nrf2 ingredients

Introducing the first haircare system designed for biohackers. It’s scientifically engineered with Nrf2 ingredients and the most recent advances in science, with super clean ingredients that actually works.


*Soothes all scalp types

*Nourishes against your scalp by moisturizing

*Protects against environmental assaults by repairing dry/damaged hair

*Improves shine and body for fuller and thicker looking hair

*Mindfully formulated with Nrf2 ingredients

More Information


TrueScience® Beauty System

With Enhanced Nrf2 Technologies

TrueScience Cleanser, TrueScience Perfecting Lotion, TrueScience Eye Corrector Serum, TrueScience Facial Cream.


*Mitigates visible effects of skin damage caused by oxidative stress

*Steps up skin’s own protective barriers

*Provides protection against environmental assaults on skin

*Counterbalances the visible negative effects of sun related damage

More Information


Elevate NITRO® Bold Coffee

NITRO Coffee gives you energy, focus, motivation and promotes muscle-pumping nitric oxide.

Look good. Feel good. Lose weight. Let the good times (and the blood) flow. This heart-healthy coffee is a great way to start the morning off with a bang or to take your gym routine up three notches. We put the FUN in functional beverage.

More Information

Elevate ZEST® + Happy Lemonade

The world’s first “Happy Lemonade” just got better! The taste is smoother, the appetite suppression is more significant and your focus will be OFF THE CHARTS!

It’s the most potent natural nootropics blend we’ve ever created. The only thing you’ll forget is your troubles, because it’s a “100% happy” drink.
Time to focus – supplies are limited!

More Information

ElevaciTea® Georgia Peach

It’s the world’s first “Happy Iced Tea”. Southern sweet tea with delicious, natural Georgia Peach flavor in every sip. Some say it’s the best-tasting drink we offer. All y’all gonna love it! Afternoon energy. Craving control. Refreshing sweetness. And a big ol’ smile on your face.

Unwined™ Chill Drink

The pace of life is crazy! Slow down. Relax. Sip and chill. Unwined™. Bye-bye racing thoughts. Nighty-night muscle tension. Stress be gone! It’s a totally new kind of health drink. Like wine, without the alcohol or bitter taste. NO excess sugars and NO expensive price tag.

More Information

XanthoMax® Happy Caps

Happiness and healthiness go hand in hand. The happier you are, the healthier you become. The healthier you are, the happier you become. XanthoMax® dials up BOTH! Big time. In today’s environment, with quarantines, shutdowns and other factors we’ve never seen before, a XanthoMax® a day is so important for your brain and your body (and your smile).

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