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I always knew there were ways other than what western medicine offered to improve and maintain health .This started me down the path towards researching and learning about natural ways to help my body do what it is designed to do, heal itself. This journey led me to discovering many products, a few that I have chosen to share with others.

Enagic is an amazing water system that alkaline the water that you drink, using the water from your tap. Our skin in naturally acidic, so when my family has skin issues they spray on the acidic version of the water and has had great success with healing these skin conditions. 

Voxxlife is another product that my family and I have been using for a few years. It uses advanced technology in socks and their other products to help you in a variety of ways.

Young Living is the pioneer company of essential oils and have been around for over 25 years. They have high quality products, including their best known product Thieves.



Kangen Water System

For over four decades, Japan-based Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world.

Our passion is to transform the tap water in your home into pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water.

Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327


Leveluk K8

The Mighty 8-Plate Anti-Oxidizer

The Kangen® 8 is now Enagic®'s most powerful antioxidant machine - featuring 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potential. 

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Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327

Leveluk JRIV

High performance water ionizer with four electrode plates

Converts tap water to five different water types at the push of a button

Large LCD display

Built-in electrolysis enhancer tank

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Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327


LeveLuk SD 501

Enagic's Flagship Model The industry-leading continuous ionized electrolysis water generator system, the SD501 is the finest machine in its class. With the strongest electrolysis chamber available, fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 is the leader of the pack. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

Capable of producing 5 types of water:

Kangen Water

Clean Water

Acidic (beauty) water

Strong Kangen water

Strong Acidic water

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Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327

Leveluk SD501 Platinum

Features a revamped modern design geared to match today's more stylish kitchens. Same power and performance as the SD501 in an all new package!

Fully-equipped with a built-in electrolysis chamber, and featuring a large LCD panel and clear voice prompts, the SD501 PLATINUM is the leader of the pack. 7-Platinum-plated Titanium plates comprise the electrolysis chamber.

Capable of producing 5 types of water

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Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327


Anespa DX

Treat yourself to a soothing hot spring experience with the ANESPA DX! With an abundant flow of mineralized water and a relaxing massage shower head, your bathroom can instantly turn into a calming hot spring oasis. Generates: Mineral ion water for your bath or shower.

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Barbara Karlstrom Spencer

Distributor #1323327


Young Living

Essential Oils



Thieves® essential oil is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils for an aromatic blend that fills any space with a rich, spicy aroma. Inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals, Thieves is one of Young Living’s most popular products.

Cinnamon Bark

Expo Special $35 (2 available)

Product Tips:

Eliminate odours and create an inviting, warm environment in your home by diffusing Cinnamon Bark oil, especially during the holiday season. For an extra-festive twist, get creative with complementary oils such as Frankincense, Orange, Tangerine, Clove, or Nutmeg.

To freshen a musty-smelling garbage disposal, run soapy water down the drain and drop in 5 drops of Cinnamon Bark and 3 drops of Lemon essential oil and let them sit for up to an hour.

Thieves® Household Cleaner

Thieves® Household Cleaner is an all purpose, concentrated cleaner formulated with 100 percent plant- and mineral-based ingredients. Thieves Household Cleaner is biodegradable and complies with EPA standards.

"I am very sensitive to chemicals and smells therefore I am very particular about what I use. I have no problems or issues when I use this product." C Karlstrom

Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste

Thieves® Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste is an advanced formula of all-natural ingredients that gently cleans and whitens your teeth while harnessing the power of pure Thieves essential oil blend for fresh breath. Dentarome Ultra is preferred by those concerned with appearance of whiter teeth.


ImmuPower is a powerful blend of YLTG essential oils that create a fragrant and protective haven while increasing positive feelings.

This is a powerful oil blend for building, strengthening and protecting the body & supporting its defense mechanism.

This blend raises the frequency of the immune system which helps one overcome the flu, colds, respiratory problems, infections, etc. Many people wear and diffuse it in the home, especially during the seasons of cold & flu. 


Voxx Iconic Crew

Technology & Benefits

Instant. Tested. Proven to deliver:
• Pain Relief
• More Power and Strength
• Better Balance and Stability
• Better Mobility and Range of Motion
• Better Endurance and Recovery
• More Stamina and Strength

VoxxTherapy Knee Support

A premium knee support that also delivers all the benefits of VoxxLife HPT Human Performance Technology.

Suitable for activities that put stress to the joints like running, basketball, soccer, football, golf, cycling, tennis, hiking, volleyball and much more!

While this product may be used for injury prevention, no product can prevent all injuries. No guarantee is made, either expressed or implied, that any injury will be prevented by this product.

Bliss Enhanced Wellness

Our HPT-embedded Bliss Enhanced Wellness insoles are the most cushioned insole that we offer. They are best for people that spend all day on their feet, or for seniors who would greatly benefit from the additional cushioning.

Give your feet a gift they will thank you for

eSmartr Fore Arm Quantum Sleeves

Focus your mental clarity with a pop of colour pop in the joyful Quantum eSmartr sleeve. Bring the sunrise to your day with bright waves of pink, orange and blue. Wear this sleeve to share the positive energy on your next adventure.

Product Benefits

• Reduced stress
• Increase focus
• Improve memory
• Reduced anxiety
• Increase attention
• More clarity

REM Sleep Optimization Patch 30-Day Supply

VoxxLife brings you OST, Optimized Sleep Technology, the neuropath to better sleep.

Benefits include:

· Sleep Stages Optimized
· Balances your REM and deep sleep stages
· Enhanced rest assists in rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Neurovax Neuroplastic Immune Optimization Patch 30-Day Supply

The Neurology of the Immune System: Neural Reflexes Regulate Immunity Parallel advances in neuroscience and immunology have established the anatomical and cellular basis for bidirectional interactions between the nervous and immune systems.




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