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Born and raised Alberta girl, originally from Drayton Valley and ventured to the Red Deer area over 10 years ago, but we have hung our hat in the country in Clive, AB which has allowed myself to really hone in on the naturalistic aspects of life, and all the benefits that Mother Nature offers us that we seemly forget exist in the hustle + bustle of city life. AME Apothecary Co was founded in the summer of 2020 – so were relatively new, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t deeply rooted in what we do. I come from a long line of avid gardeners and strongly independent women, so much of my childhood was spent in the dirt (either looking for rocks or nurturing plants) and am proud to be able to pass on the knowledge I have inherited and turn it into the unique and naturally beneficial products that we offer from all 3 of our divisions; Bath + Beauty, Crystal Creations and Cannery Co which all work together to provide an overall aide for health and wellness practice – the old school way.



You can also find storefront locations that we have on our website if you want to come see us in person!


Cold Process Soaps – Hippie Mountain

 Each soap has been handcrafted with different blends of essential oils, various oils like coconut, shea butter, sunflower oil or 100% olive oil.

Hippie Mountain: Made from an oil blend of Castor Oil, Vegetable Oil, Sweet Almond Oil with charcoal chips + pink Himalayan salt plus my own wicca Black Protection Salts. Boasts a scent of ylang ylang, neroli, juniper, sweet orange and patchouli

Cold Process Soaps - Momma Mia

 Each soap has been handcrafted with different blends of essential oils, various oils like coconut, shea butter, sunflower oil or 100% olive oil.

Momma Mia – Dog Soap: Special blend made from 100% Neem Oil which aides in protection against ticks, flies, mosquitos and gnats and Tea Tree Oil for extra microbial benefits. Formulated with a lower super fat content of 3% for dogs more alkali skin, while providing a lush suddys experience which is safe for your pooch. Sold 3/pk for $10. Added bonus $1 from every sale goes to support the Bali Dog Rescue Foundation ran by Arlene Young at R’s Sacred Space Drayton Valley.

"Don't Be a Biotch" Balm

Made for the most trying days during that time of the month. Blended with 100% organic and locally sourced Beeswax, Arcania Oil + Yarrow Oil (for pain/inflamation relief), Cocoa Butter (moisturization) and Lavender Essential Oil + Peppermint Essential Oil for aromatherapy relief. $15 ea

Midnight Hibiscus Detox & Protection Bath Salts

Our dark and sexy bath salts! Made from natural Epsom Salts (for achy tired muscles), Activated Charcoal (detox benefits), Bay leaf, Hibiscus pieces, a little bit of sparkle and scented with Geranium + Clary Sage essential oil. Each jar contains one protection spell as well for the perfect Wicca bath! $18 ea or $3.50 sample size


All are one of a kind pieces, featuring many different stones, findings and tassels. Prices vary by piece, custom work also available.

Crown Jewels : Rose Quartz, Lepidolite, Mauve Ocean Jasper, Howlite, Pine, Mauve Pearl + 18k Gold heart findings. $80

Rose*Hippie Raspberry Jam

One of many of my Cannery Co products, all hand processed personally and made from locally sourced, or homegrown ingredients. This one includes homegrown raspberries, hand forged Wild Rose Hips (very high in Vitamin C) and the usual white sugar and pectin. Since the content of Vitamin C is extremely high in Rosehips, try to limit intake to 1-2 servings to avoid potential GI issues. $10 ea


Custom Made Malas

I do take orders for those who wish to have an individualized mala made for their specific needs/issues they need an extra boost for working with like anxiety, depression, manifesting, abundance, chakra blockages or specific health issues.

Custom Made Herbal Blends

If there is a particular concern you’d like some help in addressing I’d like to hear from you to see if we work together to craft something that would bring a naturally complimentary solution. I try to carry common apothecary items like Valerian Root, Hops, Arcaina Flower etc and am currently in the process of obtaining my herbalist diploma.


Expo Specials

Mother’s Day Special - All Malas feature Pearl/Mother of Pearl are 10% off 

To claim: Visit website and select “Mother of Pearl Sale” to view included pieces and/or enter code “mop10” at checkout. Cannot be combined with other offers valid until May 15/2021. 

New signups automatically receive 10% off their first order through my website 

To claim: must sign up for email notification of new releases etc and enter code “letsbuy091” at check out. Cannot be combined with other offers. 

P2W Discount - If directed to my website via expo links, word of mouth from expo etc customers can enter code “p2w2021” at check out for 5% off their order and this can be combined with the all other offers if it applies. This will only be valid from April 9-30/2021. 


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